Huawei’s dismal PR effort


Huawei purchased a one-page “open letter to the US media” in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal: “Don’t believe everything you hear. Come and see us.” The Chinese company is attempting to repair its image and deflect pressure from the Trump administration.

In an interview this morning with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, Huawei’s Chief Security Officer, Andy Purdy, tried to portray the company as a trustworthy, independent firm. He failed miserably.

If you’re unconvinced about the Huawei-China link or just a fan of exceptional journalistic inquiry, you’ll want to watch this video, which covers the first part of the interview.

Excellent work, Maria.



  1. chad#8  •  Mar 3, 2019 @5:49 PM

    Before I saw the interview I thought Huawei was guilty. Now I know they are.

  2. star__va  •  Mar 4, 2019 @1:15 AM

    Pres Trump is doing the right thing. It’s about time