Great talk radio


I enjoy high quality talk radio with hosts who not only reinforce my conservative instincts, but sharpen my perspective as well. I’m also a Sirius satellite radio addict, and I listen to Sirius Patriot whenever I get a chance. There are some good hosts out there, but my 2 favorites are exclusive to Sirius-XM, Mike Church at 9 AM and Andrew Wilkow at noon (EST). Opposite personalities aside, these guys do their homework and have a knack for getting to the bottom of things. Church can articulate the Constitution and the founding principles of this country as well as anyone I know. Wilkow has a way with the language; his ZERO LIABILITY VOTER concept reduces human nature, politics, and economics into 3 simple words. Both entertain along the way, and do a great job reducing the complex to the understandable. And by the way, if you don’t have satellite radio, Sirius offers a free trial at its website so you can see what you’re missing.

As a university professor, I’m always in search of the perfect way to make a point. Every now and then these guys just seem to nail down a topic perfectly. I usually just enjoy the moment because their comments are event specific and just wouldn’t have the same effect a day or week later. Andrew Wilkow had one of these moments when a caller engaged him about a healthcare entitlement. The poor guy never had a chance. As the healthcare debate continues, this 3-minute exchange just keeps getting better. It’s a great combination of passion and logic. Check out the link in the blogroll.

Mike Church had one of those moments this past Wednesday. At the bottom of the first hour he swerved into a brilliant 4-minute explanation of capitalism, one that explained the complexities of the “invisible hand” and other concepts in everyday language. I dropped Mike a short email congratulating him on this effort and told him I’d like my students to hear the audio. He graciously linked me to an MP3, which I have posted on both my university class websites and the blogroll. If you’re a die-hard capitalist like I am, you’ll definitely appreciate it. If  not, do yourself a favor and listen. The light bulb might go off.

Thanks to Mike and Andrew for the work they do. The more the left rails about talk radio, the better they get.



  1. Craig  •  Sep 18, 2009 @8:56 PM

    This is great stuff. Thanks to you also, Dr. Parnell. You should get your own show one day!

  2. Thompson  •  Sep 18, 2009 @9:00 PM

    The guy who called Wilkow just got nervous. The US ranks #37 in the world in healthcare. As for Church, these capitalists he defends will screw us back into the middle ages if we don’t stop them. It’s about time someone stood up to them. Get real.

  3. jeff  •  Sep 18, 2009 @9:26 PM

    while i appreciate Andrew Wilkow giving you the opportunity to get your message heard, im not really as much a fan of his as i used to be….i mostly use Sirius to listen to the radio feed of Fox News Channel for shows such as Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Hannity and Greta(oops, forget Brian and The Judge – Napolitano is excellent)….on terrestrial radio i listen most of the day to the Salem Radio Network – thats Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Miller and sometimes John Gibson and Michael Medved….and i also listen to Michael Savage and “The Great One” Mark Levin….

    i wish i could find Laura Ingraham’s show here in Sacramento, but they replaced her with that fat loooser dimbulb Mike Gallagher, who reminds me of the equally stooopid Huckaphony…

    another great host to listen to is Dr. Bill Wattenburg, who’s show has run on KGO-810 radio for about 30 years iirc and is on Sat and Sun weeknights from 10 pm to 1 am Pacific time….he is starting to slip a little as he ages but still a lively show and he is currently trying to educate folks on the benefits of nuclear power especially versus coal or the silly solar or wind power….

    also i listen to the local shows Armstrong + Getty here in sacramento and occasionally the John + Ken show from L.A., which is also good…

    and then there’s the old Matt Drudge show, taken over by Bill Cunningham, but he gets a little silly with his “You’re a great American” b.s.

  4. jeff  •  Sep 18, 2009 @9:44 PM

    hate to double-post but the #37 ranking is hilarious….if you truly believe that fraud put out by some branch of the U.N. seeking to advance its socialist agenda, i suggest you travel around the world a little and then come back to the nation that spends billions a year on dialysis for ILLEGAL ALIENS and tell us if you still believe that garbage….i suggest you look into how they devised those ridiculous rankings…

  5. Rodney  •  Sep 18, 2009 @10:45 PM

    Thompson if the US is #37 in the world then why are people coming here in droves to get medical work done and why are close to 80% of the medical innovations create in the US private medical sector? If you want to medicine to become cheaper look at what Texas has done, tort reform, less state regulations on the insurance company.

    Capitalism and Socialism have their extreme fringes, a small portion of people can become criminal in capitalist society much like government corruption can cause misery in its people.

    But in a true capitalist society (which we do not have) EVERYONE can work can become rich on their own. In a socialist society on the elite individuals in the government become rich. So why should be try to destroy capitalism just because a few people went criminal because of it? Should we stop selling alcohol at bars just because a few people have left drunk and killed a few people?

  6. Andrew  •  Sep 18, 2009 @11:52 PM

    I fully agree with you about Mike Church and Andrew Wilkow. Thanks to you being on Andrew Wilkow’s show I am an avid reader of your blog. The above comment is stupid.

  7. Thompson  •  Sep 19, 2009 @6:31 AM

    Just look at the facts, they’re from the WHO, not the dems or the reps. We really suck at healthcare if we can’t do better than this.

  8. iceman  •  Sep 19, 2009 @8:16 AM

    Hey Thompson, the WHO is at least as far left as the US Democrat party. Read the report, not just the sound bite. It’s one big recommendation for government control and socialism. It calls for an immediate redistribution of the pie without considering why the pie got so big in the first place. The WHO is detached from economic reality. Capitalism has delivered all of the medical advances the WHO wants to redistribute.

  9. stephon  •  Sep 19, 2009 @10:12 AM

    i didn’t know much about wilkow and church when i read the post but i love the audio. both are all over youtube if you want more. i’m gonna give sirius a free try. hey, jeff–no problem with your talk preferences, they’ll all different personalities. i’m a levin fan, gallagher is ok, and i like huckaby a little more now than when he was running for pres. but i don’t really like his show. i used to listen to rush more than i do now, but don’t forget we’re on the same team. i don’t want us to be a big tent that refuses to kick out the socialists, but i don’t want us to be a small tent that doesn’t cut anyone a little slack either. we need better sources than msnbc, and even most of the local backbenchers (as levin calls them) are pretty good by comparison.

  10. catcher  •  Sep 19, 2009 @10:30 AM

    GREAT STUFF!!!! My 3 kids have been bringing home the “everyone deserves health care” and “government knows best” crap from school ever since the anointed one was elected. I couldn’t seem to keep their attention long enough to cut through it all. My 8th-grade son said the guy calling Wilkow sounded like a loser who wanted someone else to take care of him. He was surprised to see the pic of Andrew on the website because he thought conservatives were a bunch of old rich people, After listening to Church, my 10th-grade son said he was going to get a DONT TREAD ON ME shirt and wear it to school on t-shirt days. My youngest is in the 7th-grade and she doesn’t like them because they seem to think they know everything. I guess 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. I still have a little longer to work on her.

  11. jeff  •  Sep 20, 2009 @9:12 PM

    lol @ thompson –


    what that means is the socialists at WHO had to distort the results of their “findings” and use different (less relevant) gauges of effectiveness because the socialists govt’s healthcare systems DON’T FARE TOO WELL IN THE REAL WORLD….

    Thats like “I want to start a new professional basketball league, and since im short, fat , slow, cant jump and cant shoot, we’re going base wins and losses on which team passes the ball the most, that way i can compete and win against 7-footers!! Yay Me!!!”

    here is WHO’S methodology in the absurd rankings:


    you can be sure that #5


    played a vital role in the rankings as this is what they are mainly concerned with – that is, FREE HEALTHCARE FOR THE FREELOADERS…..